影视、广告、动漫、游戏原声(OST)& Production Music爱好者一枚

Uptempo, feel-good dancefloor-filling disco with funky bass.

Copyright© KPM Music(EMI Production Music)

Determined. Contemplative piano plays over a modern beat.

Adding driving strings and edgy synths for confident energy.

Copyright© Spot On Music(Universal Production Music)

Female country vocals and a contemporary pop-country arrangement create an uplifting and inspiring rendition of a Christmas classic.

小编提前预祝小伙伴们圣诞节快乐(Happy Christmas)! 

Copyright© Killer Tracks(Universal Production Music)

Exciting & building creative pop. Piano intro. Swirling strings orchestra theme.

Copyright© Koka Media(Universal Production Music)

Powerful cinematic cue gradually overwhelms the emotions with tender piano.

Lush, soaring strings, dramatic percussion and bold electronic elements.

Copyright© KPM Music(EMI Production Music)

Delicate, playful marimba with light shakers and bright pizzicato string motifs. 

Creates a sense of light anticipation with payoff at 1:58.

Copyright© Bruton Music(Universal Production Music)

Soothing and delicate.

Featuring flowing piano that creates a heartwarming, reflective mood.

Copyright© Sarao Music(Universal Production Music)

Warm, delicate piano and celeste intro with bouncing staccato strings and glockenspiel theme.

Warm woodwinds and lush string section.

Wondrous and exciting Christmas mood.

Copyright© Atmosphere Music(Universal Production Music)

Neutral start, building with inspiration and living a bright life.

使用案例: 江苏卫视 国家公祭日 特别节目《国之殇·2018》南京的一天 背景音乐

Copyright© Gotham Music(Universal Production Music)


P1: GM180 Life - Its Ups & Downs

(江苏卫视 国家公祭日 特别节目《国之殇·2018》临近片尾处 有使用)

P2: ATMOS407 Home For Christmas


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